Sunday, June 6, 2010

Week 1 Stitch-A-Long

Week 1

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Let's get started on our Stitch-A-Long! If you are new to this blog let me explain what we have planned! Every week (or every other) we will introduce and attempt a new stitch. It will likely post on a Sunday, but no promises! This is to help us all, myself included, to expand our knowledge, practice new stitches and get out of our comfort zones. Please take a Stitch-A-Long button with you and put it in your blog sidebar. Of course this isn't required but will hopefully get more people involved! I also encourage you to write a post about how your progress/stitch comes along I will have a place where you can link your blog posts up. I have also set up a flikr group to post pictures of our swatches. Remember, you don't have to do any of these! You don't even have to comment, or tell me you are participating...though I do admit I would love it if you did!

Not wanting to leave any one out of the fun, this first week will focus on the very basics of crochet. Really...honestly and truly, if you have never crocheted before, now is the time to start! If you know these stitches you can make most of my patterns! That should show you just learning a few basic stitches really opens the door to a ton of projects.

I originally was going to make my own videos of this until I hopped on YouTube and was shamed by this woman. Please don't leave me for her...I will miss you :) Seriously though, she makes great instructional clips along with patterns for some items. If you move your cursor over the video you can actually click over to a video for you lefties! Now that is beyond what I would willingly record myself doing. I am not good at left handed anything. After checking out her videos she seriously has tons and they are much better than mine ever will be! I am a girl that knows her limits so I don't feel there is much point in reinventing the wheel! For now we will use hers; at some point down the road I may make a few or if I run across a stitch she doesn't already have (doubtful) I will make one.
I hope this is ok with everyone!

I will not give yarn or hook requirements since it won't really matter. Just as an FYI and for you brand new peeps (that maybe want some direction in what to get), I will be using 100% cotton worsted weight yarn such as peaches and cream. Its cheap (usually less than $2) and is available just about anywhere (even Walmart which I think has locations on the North Pole and moon).  This yarn will also show the stitches more clearly and photograph well. I will likely use a K or J hook for the same reasons. Darker yarn is harder to see so stick with a lighter less busy choice.

This is just what I am doing, please feel free to use your favorite yarns and hooks!

Click on any of the topics below; don't forget if you are a lefty simply put your mouse on the video and you can switch over to a lefty tutorial.

Not Teresa's videos but still good :)

I hope you are inspired to learn!  Please feel free to post your progress on your blog and link up here.  You can also leave me any feedback in a comment here or email to


Imagenthat said...

Scotti the first two videos have been removed.

24/7 Mama said...

Hey, Scotti! I've been using Teresa's videos for quite awhile now and they are amazing. She's the one who taught me to crochet in the round. She's had some issues the last week or so with some videos accidentally being deleted from YouTube, but she's working to get them back. :-)

Sara said...

Teresa has great videos! However, I would love for you to even post pics of your own? Just to make it original:) I will definitely be joining in! Thanks for doing this. How fun!

Krista said...

I always need help like this. Thanks for posting. Love your blog!