Friday, June 11, 2010

Karly is a 5th grade graduate!

Karly is a 5th grade graduate! Can you believe it? Seriously when did my sweet little girl grow up? She is getting soooo OLD! She looked so pretty! She did great with her grades and on her standardized tests as usual. I am so lucky to have a kid that breezes through school.

She constantly talks about how she is now a 6th grader or a middle schooler and all the thrill that includes. She is also one this "when can I date" kick? Ummm when I am dead? I realize they don't really go anywhere when they are "going out" which makes me ask why bother? I just feel like adding boys will add so much drama to the scene of young middle school girls. Girls of this age already seem dramatic and caddy enough without the "she stole my boyfriend", "she KNEW I like him", "he said he liked me", etc... I mean I was a young girl not long ago and I remember the drama! I don't remember it in 6th grade though? When I was that age I just had secret crushes on boys and maybe wrote their last name as mine on my notebook and then hid it so no one would know! What age do you think is good to "go out" with boys?

Here are just a few pics. Sawyer and I were both sick and fairly miserable and the set up was not working for picture taking. You'll just have to trust she looked and did great!

A little singing

I totally missed them calling her name....and then tried to flip it to picture fast enough to get one...failed. 
(Reminds me of my high school graduation and my sister missing only me graduate.  Thanks Erica.)


Party Box Design said...

awwww they grow up so fast... my little girl just turned two, and I feel like the past two years have FLOWN by... but 5th grade graduate, I can't even imagine yet!

cute pics!

Laura said...

i dont want karly to grow up! :( sad. okay i had a "boyfriend" in sixth grade, the best part I was waaay taller than him. makes me laugh now. and we didnt go anywhere, we did "talk on the phone" and i was pretty safe that no one else like him on account of being vertically challenged. the drama will be there even if you say no. good luck with that. keep notes for me in the future.

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

My daughter is only 1 so I don't have much experience with the 'teen dating scene', but I think 8th grade? is when I started to want to go on 'dates'. Your daughter IS such a beauty, I would be keeping an eye on those boys :)

Erica said...

awww yay for Ms Karly! she looked adorable! i'm a proud auntie :))

as for as boys.... "over my dead body!" i remember boys liked me in 7th grade but i wasn't too into them. i didn't want to have to hold their hands... ick!

Erica said...

"as far as boys"<-- maybe i should get a grasp on the english language before i boss 6th graders around! haha

Dani said...

Okay I just cried. My memories of Karly include her crying at "Happy Birthday" at Mimi's forirthday her third birthday.... taking her to my friends' baby shower at like 4 years old.... etc.

Middle School?! Are you freaking kidding me?!

Going to sob now....