Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wanna Make it Wednesday 06/02

Welcome to Wanna Make It Wednesday!

This will be all over the place in regards to my wants :) I hope you enjoy and maybe find something you wanna make too!

First up...a tutorial on turning regular jeans into maternity jeans. I purchased 2 pairs of jeans a few months back that were snug when I bought them. The next size up was too big so I bought the smaller in hopes of losing a few to fit them as opposed to gaining a few to fit in the bigger...well pregnancy hasn't helped my already difficult battle with weight loss. They are Old Navy so I don't really mind that they will be no longer wearable post pregnancy. I am definitely going to make a few of these... oh and I'll probably cut off the legs to capris or shorts. I love that she has elastic to hold them up and the band to cover your belly. That band feels so nice but stretches out after too much wear. The motherhood brand start to slide right off! I am hoping this elastic will be the golden ticket to not losing my bottoms!

SewChic has the tutorial along with a few links to others.

Chadwicks's Picture Place also has a some tips and tutorials on similar projects.

I know you have seen these around! These Pony Tire Swings are so cute! They also usually sport a price tag around $80. Here is a tutorial to make one yourself! I love this but am not sure I could pull it off myself. If you make it let me know how it goes! Head over to Dave's Garden to learn all about it!

and a few updates on past Wanna Make It's that actually ended up getting made!

Cupcake Cake without the $30 cake pan. I ended up using 2 cake mixes total, 1 mix made into 2 6" pans for the wrapper area and a metal bowl with 1 full cake mix for the top part. This was my first attempt with marshmallow fondant. It turned out ok. The fondant was much stretchier when I lifted it than I anticipated.  The blog I got it from actually has a new recipe for it up, maybe it works a little better?  I still don't think it tastes great and luckily I attempted this before the party because just a few minutes outside even at 8am the humidity killed it! It started melting and looking really shiny liquid like very quickly! My goal in making this was to be sure it turned out and would work for the party....not so much and to attempt to get a picture with Sawyer to include with his party invitations....again not so much. O'well!  You like my attempt to literally black out that damn fence...yeah guess I should have dug that fabric out a day or two before in hopes of those fold creases going away :)

Next up, fabric flower headbands. Now these turned out great! Super easy and super cute! You can find dozens of tutorial (most of which are now popping up daily), but I'll show you how I made mine!! Super cheap and super easy! This is a project you can even do with (sort of) older kids, tween age I think is good. My daughter and her friend are ready to make and sell these...ahhh little entrepreneurs after my own heart. Let's just hope it is more successful than the lemonade stand!

Now, what do you Wanna Make??


Jessica said...

not a problem linking to my tutorial. I'm glad you found it helpful!!!

Laura said...

love the headbands. thinking we need some at our house

Sara said...

Love them all!

Jamie said...

I absolutely love the headbands! The cake looked really great, too! So how did it taste?

Jaycie said...

I thought the pictures with Sawyer in the grass with fence behind was just as cute! And how I loathe maternity pants! In the summertime especially!