Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Catch up and Wanna Make it Wednesday

My apologies for neglecting my blog lately! This is my last week of work and they are working me like a dog! I had no one to watch Sawyer today so I am home with my little man. I am really excited to be almost done with my job...excited and nervous! We have been very blessed to be pretty unaffected by the economy and have remained fairly financially comfortable with 2 incomes...we will now be budget people. It will definitely be an adjustment for us all, but one I think will be worth it. Sawyer is going to start crawling any day now and I am hoping it's today or that he holds off until Saturday so I don't miss it.

Karly had open house for her new middle school next year last night. It was crazy to see how old some of the kids look that are just a year or two older than Kar. I can't believe how fast my sweet little girl has grown up! She says she wants to do cheer and play an instrument, not sure how scheduling will work out with dance too but as usual we will figure it all out.

Now that I have caught you all up....

Wanna Make it Wednesday!

I saw these linked on Dollar Store Crafts this morning (perfect timing) and love them!  You can find lots of cheap ideas here! I think they would look so cute in Karly's room; in fact she has requested them in blue, green, and black!


Erica said...

middle school and crawling already.... :'( !!!!! tell those munchkins to quit growing!

Anonymous said...
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