Monday, January 18, 2010

Not Me Monday with an extra 01/18

I am not quitting my job. I couldn't possibly be that lucky could I?!?!

I did not order a margarita at lunch immediately after church. I would never! Not only would I never do something like that but I really wouldn't have spent the last 20 minutes in church thinking about how wonderful said margarita would taste. If I did have one I am sure it would have been delicious!

I did not wear my fat girl jeans 3 days this week.  If I did, I definitely would have at least washed them.  I would be a dirty girl!  (better than maternity jeans?)

My sweet little boy did not fuss and fight me throughout church this morning only to finally quiet down and then let out the loudest burp when it was complete silence! 
Not my little man!


Liz said...

Maybe he was just gassy. :)

Found you via the link on MckMama's site.


MRMD_GRL said...

HAHA!! Love it!!!

Yes fat girl pants way better then maternity!!