Monday, February 1, 2010

Not Me 02/01

Ahhh...let the not me's begin!

I did not wake up in a panic thinking I had to work today only to remember that I am currently retired! Woo Hoo! Staying home with my baby all day! Oh....unless pattern sales don't pick up at which point I will have to find a part time evening gig ;(

I did not give in Friday when I knew Karly was faking because I knew fighting with her all morning would only lead to me wanting to beat her.
Eleven is a hard age...for her at least!

I am not scoping out MOPS groups hoping...ok, HOPING DESPERATELY to find a friend! Man that sounds lame. I wouldn't have to go to a group to make a friend...people flock to me!

Over the last week, maybe two, I did not watch Big Love for more hours than anyone should ever admit to. On the plus side had a watched endless hours of Big Love I probably would have seen most of Season 2 which I may have missed!
These confessions are more like a sampling of my Not Me's that would never happen regularly! Now it's your turn!


Katie said...

Great Not Me's! I can totally understand the Big Love obsession.. it's one of my faves! Thanks for stopping by. :D

Rudy Rukus said...

Those are good! Oh and I love your header! Very nice.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I have heard great things about MOPS! I bet you will find some great friends there...good luck:) BTW, I love your little boy's middle son's middle name is Sawyer.

MRMD_GRL said...

Big Love?? What is this??

LMAO @ the Karly give in!!

Erica said...

my stepmom helen works on big love, i asked her to hook me up with a gig! then you could see my face while watching your marathon! that'd be worth it :)