Monday, January 11, 2010

Not Me! 01/11

Another wonderful morning for “Not Me” Monday. If you have no idea what I am talking about please visit MckMama’s blog for the details.

Now for my confessions…err list of things I would never ever do!

I did not neglect my extra messy house so that I could work on a new pattern this weekend. I am a much better housekeeper than that!

I still do not have earlier mentioned 5 or 6 Christmas gifts sitting in my dining room BEGGING to be mailed. My husband is not doing his families today out of sheer frustration stemming from my procrastination. I am much more efficient than that. I mean really they are Christmas presents!

I did not say something fairly heartless to a friend needing support and comfort. If I had said something as such I would have immediately apologized for such an awful out of line slip. I would never; I have much better tact than that. I mean really…I would never even think such things!

I did not wear maternity pants today because they are more comfortable than my pre-pregnancy pants. My baby is 7 months old I for sure fit perfectly in my old pants…I mean they might even be a little loose! Who loses most of their baby weight only to gain 10 of it back? Not ME!


Courtney said...

When you finally get to the post office for those Christmas gifts, you should tell the post office worker that they absolutely MUST get there by Christmas. It's my favorite joke! :) Okay, so maybe I'm lame but I think it's funny. Especially cause the post office worker usually freaks out thinking they have a nut on their hands! :)

MRMD_GRL said...

I love you...