Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Who You Are When No One Is Looking

Ok, so I realize wanting people to read my blog and then sending them to someone else's probably isn't the smartest plan but I'll just have to trust that you will come back and see me. I promise I'll be waiting right here for you. Again I am sending you to MckMama's amazing blog. Yes, I know I just sent you there, but this woman is one of my favorites! The title was, "Who You Are When No One Is Looking" which instantly caught my eye. It's a funny story that goes back to this book by the same name. This really made me start to think...Who am I when no one is looking? Am I what my blog portrays? Yes, for the most part. Am I the picture perfect wife that never nags my husband? Hardly. Am I the most patient and involved mom that never nags my children? Again...nope. After reading that blog post it really made me start to look at myself. For the most part I am what you see...but I will admit the behind the computer me could use a little polishing.

I am not a person of faith or religion in any form. I did order the book for myself and my mom and am looking forward to getting it. It is a Christian based book which is usually, ok never, my thing, but I am optimistic that I can still take something positive from the book. The religion topic will come up again here soon when I have the time and eloquence to put it into words. This is something that I have strong feelings about and at a time when I am feeling a little lost MckMama just happened to post another blog that really spoke to me.

Who are you when no one is looking?


MRMD_GRL said...

I coulda sent you my copy of this book... great read!!

Erica said...

you go girl! wuv you!