Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wanna Make It Wednesday

I stumbled across a new blog this week and I am in love with it! Living with Lindsay , lots of cute ideas of her own and she has great taste in other blogs! Plus, she seems like someone I would like! Does anyone else do that? Read blogs and swear if you knew each other you would be best buddies?!? I do all the time! If only they lived nearby ;)

Back to the task at hand! Hand... ha ha, ok that was pretty bad

first up
"High Five" Garden from JesseKate Designs . We have wanted a garden since we moved to Texas 2 years ago. I half attempted to tend a few plants in pots but pretty much let them die and then the dogs finished them off. Our new house has a little raised bed area and I am newly motivated. Love these!

I thought this button artwork from Living with Lindsay was pretty cute too! I can see it as a monogram!!! Also love the book wreaths and the monogrammed table...and the silhouettes on the table! She has about a million other great ideas and links to other people's great ideas.

And last but not least...a wanna make it on a huge would love to do it someday scale; Brittany from Superwoman's kitchen makeover...on $175!!!


and AFTER!!! Can you believe it?!?!

She has inspired me! I hate my kitchen but am scared of making it worse attempting to do it myself! Maybe just maybe someday I'll get the courage to try a few of her ideas!


MRMD_GRL said...

OMG that kitchen!!!! seriously!!!! LOVE it!!!

Anonymous said...
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