Thursday, February 11, 2010

Karly's project

Karly just wrapped up a book project. Her class had to read Island of the Blue Dolphins. This is my favorite childhood book! Truly, I still have my copy :) I let Karly use it and would be lying if I said I weren't worried she were going to lose or destroy it! Lucky for her she didn't soooo I'll keep her around. This is her project, the dogs cave. This is her TX bff (she is very clear about that) Sam. We couldn't ask for a nicer girl to live across the street. Seriously we got so lucky! Karly and Sam are in the same grade and get along great!

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Erica said...

awww so cute! that is my all time favorite book too! i miss little karly k. was this taken in the morning? she has sleepy face!