Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wanna Make it Wednesday 02/17

Wanna Make It Wednesday...well, I always have a ton of things I really desperately want to make and this week I was at a loss! Can you believe it??? I really need to make what I have already planned, many of which I have purchased the stuff for. I am really HOPING I find some time to start a few. I also need to finish the 3+ patterns I have half done, thought of, or that are haunting me in my sleep!  Oh and make my blog a 3 column one...really scared to attempt this one!!  Maybe soon I'll get brave!

BUT...since Wanna Make it Wednesday wouldn't be complete with out a few new things to add to the list here you go!

Crochet hook organizer roll thingy...these are super cute.  My friend Nicki asked me to make her least a year ago.  I haven't forgotten Nic...I'm just LAME

The FREE tutorial can be found here on Sew Mama Sew  There are tons of free patterns for different variations of this out there; this one is just my favorite so far!

I also would love to help out with this project Alida posted on her blog I Make Stuff.  Easy tutorial for journals that will be given to war widows.  Go read about it and consider making one too.  You probably have just about everything you will need.

Now what do you want to make this week???

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The Bearded Lady (Laura) said...

Your blog is just too fun!! I love Post It Note Tuesday!!

What do I want to make this week???? I will hopefully repurpose a chandelier. Here is hoping!!!