Sunday, June 12, 2011

Yarn Bomb Round 2

I seriously think I am addicted!  Hey, it’s good clean fun so it’s ok right?!?!  Next bomb is planned and coming very soon!  I’d love for you to join in with me whether making and sending something my way or planning your own.  I had mentioned before, {in this previous blog} that I’d love to do a few of these along the my trip this summer.  Being in different cities does make it a little difficult to plan anything too specific though.  I’d love to do one in the Phoenix area {Surprise, Mesa, Ahwatukee, Chander, whatever}, La Jolla, California, and Camarillo, California.  If you live in/near these locations and want to play with me shoot me an email! 

Back to what I was saying… yarn bombs.

A lot of people are not fans of yarn bombs.  They feel they are the same as graffiti (even thought they are completely removable) or a waste of yarn that could be used for something useful!  I think I have an idea to accomplish combining both bombing and something useful and even tackle my challenge of bombing in areas that I have no way of really knowing a good bomb spot.  The next bomb(s) will be Starbucks (or other coffee shops) with coffee cozies!  Don’t you think it’s awesome?!?!  How fun would it be to be one of the lucky first customers of the day and get a free handmade cozy!

So what do you say??  Are you with me? 

Now for the specifics.  The first one will be here in my town….soon.  If you want to help jump start this one you’ll need to get a cozy in the mail in about 5 or 6 days!  For the most part an average yarnie could whip these up in very little time.  I will continue to need them so if you can’t get them that fast it’s ok, your cozy will just live in another state. My mom will check my PO Box for me and forward them to whatever destination I am at.  Just think of your work in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona or California!  Pretty neat huh?  I love it and can see the smiles on people’s faces already.

So what do you think?  Yarn, creative, useful, can be done anywhere.  
Yep, pretty sure I reached all my goals for this one.

Feel free to use any pattern you’d like or make your own up as you go. I am going to link up a few cute ones that I find with a simple search of the internet.  Cozies can be crochet, knit or even made from felted wool!  This is great option for people that don’t knit or crochet that still want to play.  
Please no sewn fabric ones since it doesn’t really jive with the whole “yarn” aspect of it. 

1.  super simple pattern from Hooks and Knives.  This would be a perfect beginner pattern

be still my heart I am in love with this one--more of an intermediate level

Onto the KNIT patterns

{I also love this and may have to make a crochet version}

{another fave of mine..must learn to knit better}

{again, love!  may have to make a crochet one}

and for those of you that don't crochet or knit here are a few links on how to upcycle wool sweaters 
here is a great link for the basic felting process over at The Magic Onions

or google "felted coffee cozy" click on images and prepare to be inspired!

Please mail your cozies to the address below.  If you'd like a picture and shout out please include your info in the package!!
Scotti Oxford
PO Box 984
Flint, TX  75762


Valery (CEO Wanna Be) said...

Love the idea!

Amber Dusick said...

Of course it is okay to use a pic with the link, thanks for sharing!!! (and asking was sweet too)

MRMD_GRL said...

This is great!! I will be sure to send some coozie's your way, and hope to help you bomb AZ.

askedforit14 said...

Definitly post a copy of the crochet version of the sock monkey!

Anonymous said...

Great post! Love it! Thanks for including my cozy too!

Crystal said...

LOVE it! I thought it might be something like this when you mentioned coffee cozies! I LOVE the His & Her's Knit one, must learn to knit!!! I'll send some your way!

The Sitting Tree said...

Fantastic idea! Thanks so much for including my knit and crochet cozy~

Nature Mamma said...

Hi there! Where do I send the cozies to? Thanks!

Petey Peters said...

Love the idea!