Monday, June 13, 2011

Sock Monkey Coffee Cozy - - FREE PATTERN

Sorry for only one eye :)  Will have to run out for a button later.

Sock Monkey Coffee Cozy
Gauge: 2 rows of 6 stitches = .5” tall x 2” wide

Materials: I (6.25 mm) hook, G (4.25 mm) hook and approximately 60 total yards worsted weight yarn. Acrylic or an acrylic blend is recommend as it provides a little better stretch. Yarn needle and a stitch marker. Optional: buttons for eyes

ch: chain
st: stitch
sc: single crochet
hdc: half double crochet
( ): repeat around
{ }: total number of stitches

Instructions: You will hold two strands of yarn for the cozy portion. Mouth and ears require one strand only. Rounds will not be joined at the end; continue to work in a spiral Place stitch marker in the last stitch and move up each round. Directions in ( ) will not be completed each round.

**Using red yarn (upper most stripe)

Round 1: ch 30, join with a slst to the beginning (be careful not to twist your chain)

Round 2: sc in each {29 sc}

Round 3: sc in each {29 sc}

**Switch to cream/white (middle stripe)

Round 4: sc in each {29 sc}

Round 5: sc in each {29 sc}

**Switch to brown (face color)

Round 6: sc in each {29 sc}

Round 7-15: sc in each {29 sc}

Fasten off; weave in tail

Mouth: G (4.25 mm) hook

Ch 12, skip 2 closest to hook, hdc in first, sc in next 8, in last chain hdc, hdc, ch 1 [you will now work bottom side of chain] sc in first-same space that has the 2hdc-, sc to end. Continue to sc around until you reach the desired size. If your ends curl up chain 1 in between sc. Fasten off, leave a tail long enough to sew mouth to hat.

Using your yarn needle to stitch your center line. Sew mouth to hat.

Ears: G (4.25 mm) hook

Round 1: Starting with a magic circle, sc 6 times {6 sc]

Round 2: (2sc) {12 sc}

Round 3: (hdc) {12 hdc}

Fasten off; leave tail and sew to head

***this pattern has not been tested and was created with 2 small children pulling my in every direction.  If you find a mistake please email me at

If you'd prefer to download this in document form you can do so for free at Inner Hooker on Ravelry. If you take the free pattern and plan to sell for profit please send me a completed one in return to help supply the bombs :)


theresasthisnthat said...

Thanks Scotti for the free pattern! What color/name of yarn do you use for main part of the sock monkey?

Nicki said...

Thank you so much for the great pattern!! I can't wait to start on it.

Samantha said...

SO cute! Might have to try it out :)

Oh you could totally make him a winking sock monkey - stitch a closed eye? haha

Crystal said...

Love it! I'd like to know what yarn you used for the main part as well, Thanks!

Gillian said...

He could be a pirate monkey with a quick patch made of black yarn. ; )

I'm going to see if I have some good yarn and work one up tonight for the exchange.

Anonymous said...

Love it, he looks like he could be winking :)

askedforit14 said...

Totally loving this! I'm going to use it as a "Pay it Forward" I commited to earlier this year!

Nooly said...

I am so making one of these!!!!

Jessica said...

This is my next project!! Love it

Sharing My Thoughts said...

This is so adorable. Thank you for sharing!

RobinS said...

Thank you for this pattern. I had a Sock Monkey baby shower for my daughter in January. This was the favor. I made 42 of them and they were a huge hit!