Sunday, June 12, 2011


I may or may not be responsible for this yarn bomb! If I were responsible for it I would tell you just how fun it was!

I learned about yarn bombing a few months ago and knew I had to do it. I read a ton of blogs with tips and tricks and came to the conclusion that starting small was best…of course I don’t do anything small or as recommended. I picked a spot with {what I thought} was 60 parking meters to wrap. With International Yarn Bombing coming up I knew that would be the day. I decided since a small one was recommended first to get a feel for it I would just do 1 or 2 little things before…yeah, I never got around to it so IYBD was my first ever!

I posted a call for help on my facebook page with hopes of tons of them just pouring in. I did get some awesome wraps from some even more awesome women! I definitely got a whole lot less than I planned though. I had a few days of panic attempting to figure out how to pull it off when I was 40 wraps short. Yes, I said FORTY. I made some smaller wraps, fatter yarn, pompoms for some, etc. I was still feeling pretty good. I had 2 super sexy sleuth friends that joined me along with my daughter and her friend. We pulled up around 1am and were all a little nervous and anxious. I started cracking up when I realized the day I counted for the number of wraps needed I had counted parking spots….not meters! We still had about 40 to wrap and it turned out to be a blessing since some were only going to get pompoms. We had 1 wrap leftover that found a home on a large pole and hung the pompoms from trash cans, tree branches and a few meters with wraps got them too! It was a ton of fun! A few people were out and asked what it was, everyone that we encountered thought it was really neat.

I find myself wanting to drive down a few times a day to see if it’s still there! The kids and I drove up the following morning and it was still up! The girls may have done a little bomb in the bathroom of a local restaurant as well. I think we are all addicted now! I love that I was able to bring a little color to my town!

Ok, get ready for picture overload...

just a few hours I had to enlist ANYONE willing to help...ok he didn't help but how cute is he?!

Now for the real pictures.  I took these the next day.  Ciara did take pictures the night of, so at some point I am sure I'll be back with more from the actual bombing.

Already planning my next one!  Stay tuned for more info if you'd like to contribute!