Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sawyer's 2nd birthday party!

and the real party!  Having a June birthday I think you are pretty much stuck having a pool party.  It's too hot here to do anything else that's for sure!  We had some family and friends over for food, cupcakes, gifts and swimming.  Good times!


sparkler candle was really cute but slightly dangerous for a small child to be near shirtless! oops 

Sawyer still doesn't quite get the opening of gifts.  He opens one and wants to take it out of the box and play. Who needs more than one gift?!?!  Not Sawyer.

his betrothed Addie 

Kassie and Sam

favor bags

looking awful sleepy!

still munching at almost midnight!  What a little rock star!  

Thank you to all of our friends and family for coming to celebrate!

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Michele of By Your Side said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sawyer!! What a CUTIE!! I wish it was warn enough here for a pool party!!
Grabbed you blog and Etsy buttons while I was here!!