Monday, December 13, 2010

Karly's 12th birthday

Can you believe she is 12?!?! I seriously have no idea where the last 12 years have gone! She has grown up so much in the last year or two. She is doing great in school as usual! She has the second highest GPA in her team (6th grade is split into 3 or 4 teams), is still playing cello, doing ballet, and is getting into boys! Did anyone else just feel like they may throw up or is it just me? Yuck, for boys! I am so not ready for this phase. Karly is a little bitter that she is the only one that isn't allowed to "date", especially since "dating" really doesn't mean anything other than you say it but o'well. I am not ready for the drama that comes with boys. The boys aren't even my's the evil girl drama that will no doubt come with it.

I was due with Baby O 9 days after Karly's birthday and she was very concerned that she would have to share her day. I wasn't really up to throwing a full blown party so we just did cake and presents at the house this year and perhaps we'll have a party in the spring or summer as a late birthday/just for fun party.

Happy Birthday Karly! We love you!

Now stop growing up!


Dani said...

Tell Karly she has excellent taste in music! I love the Band Perry!

Erica said...

so cute :) i love me some ms karly!!