Friday, April 10, 2009

Hello from...

Hello and Happy Good Friday....from Los Angeles, California!!!

This is the SURPRISE post!!! I love the power of post dating blogs so they magically appear when I want them to!!! I also love surprising people though I truly despise being surprised! I hate it!! Weird right?!?! Your surprised though aren't you?!?!

If you haven't followed my blog for long, or if you have forgotten go back and read THIS POST...go ahead...ok, a great surprise right!!! Well....we turned the tables on Erica! Karly and I flew out today to surprise her with a visit! Erica knew my mom was coming in to town, but had no idea anyone else would be there! (actually as I am writing this I am on facebook with her and it's only Thursday...ha ha)!!

This took a few weeks of planning and enormous self control not to spill the beans! I tell Erica EVERYTHING!!!! So to not share my excitement with her was truly torture! I didn't tell anyone!!! A few people did find out, but I was so scared if the words came from my mouth even once they would slip again!

The double surprise is while she knew my mom was coming we hit her with the second part...Katie and Jake drove out with my mom as well! My poor sister Erica may have a heart attack! First Karly and I show up at her work!!! Then later we meet up with my mom and again! I seriously am so excited!

I am typing this Thursday with the assumption that everything will play out just as planned! I am hoping and fairly confident that all of the pieces will fall right into place!

Did I mention why we are going to visit? I guess not...Erica is getting baptised Catholic. She has been going to classes for what feels like forever! She has put a lot into this and we are all very proud of her. She is truly the most amazing sister and truly a great woman! I adore her completely.

My thanks ahead of time to Erica's boyfriend Brian for scheming with me for weeks, picking us up from the airport and plotting the attack :) Thanks to Brian's family for welcoming Erica into their family and for all the help coordinating this trip! Oh yes, and the place to stay!

Happy Easter Weekend!!! I will be back early next week with lots of pictures and stories for you all!


Courtney said...

What a great surprise! I hope you are having a fun time!!!

MRMD_GRL said...

So since your plane was delayed (and yes, Erica, I knew the surprise!!!) how did the surprise work out!

I hope you guys had a super great time, I only wish I was there to see Erica's face!!

PS- congrat's on the batism Erica, that is a wonderful accomplishment