Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Thursday!

Happy Thursday everyone!!! I hope you all have lovely Easter weekend plans! If you are off Friday CONGRATS!!! I am so looking forward to the long weekend!

Karly’s class had an Easter party today so we had to get some clever treats together! Of course she tells me at 5:30 yesterday. Thank goodness I have a lot of down time at work and stumbled across the cute idea of smooshing (yes, that’s a word) rice krispie treats into plastic eggs…quick, easy and cute! Yes we, ok Karly, washed and dried the eggs thoroughly before using. Please forgive my messy kitchen and dishes in the sink! I never claimed I was perfect!

My darling hubby is off to AZ tonight!!! He has a busy weekend ahead with TC’s wedding and all that weddings entail. I know he is so excited to go home for a visit! I must admit I am a little jealous! I have some very homesick moments! Hopefully this summer after Sawyer makes his debut! I forgot how hard it is to see him leave me even if it's only for a few days! The majority of the first 6-9 months we were together we were actually I am used to him! The trip will be great for him!

I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend!!!


If you check in on me often I have another surprise post for you!!! Check back tomorrow night!! It is oh so fabulous! Until then I leave you in suspense! See you tomorrow!


Courtney said...

What? Why can't you tell us the surprise now? Hmmm... I'm no good at waiting...

MRMD_GRL said...

Love the eggs!!! So cute!

Safe travels to your boy... hopefully I will get to see him :)

Can't wait for the surprise! I hate surprises. WTF!@!!!!