Thursday, April 23, 2009

CA trip installment 3...the last one!

The Easter Bunny Came!!!

We left our Easter baskets at the Ragen house so we wouldn't confuse the Easter Bunny too much! We woke up much more rested after a great nights sleep. The kids took a few trips through the hotel breakfast area and we all got ready to head to Easter brunch with Brian's family.

I will admit that we got a little lost finding the Country Club, but we made it! The Easter bunny was there to greet Jake. It was so cute! Karly has never been a fan of creepy costumes so she kept her distance! The food and company were great! We all chatted, and ate and ate some more!

We headed back to the Ragen house and had an Easter egg hunt in their gorgeous front yard! Truly their house is beautiful...the yards are to die for! It is not at all what you think of when you think of cramped up California. After all the eggs had been found the kids finally got to dig into their Easter baskets! Lots of goodies for everyone!

More visiting...most of Brian's family left and Karly and Jake couldn't wait to try out the pool! Jake even went down the slide! Shortly after mom, Kate and Jake had to hit the road :( Very sad. Karly and I weren't flying home until the next day so we hit up the nearby outlets and bought Sawyer a ton of cute outfits...gotta love the Carters outlet! We had a nice home cooked meal with Brian's parents before heading back to LA.

I had quite a few pictures, so I tossed them into a slideshow! I hope you enjoyed taking our California vacation with us! It was so great to have my mom and sisters all together again! It was also nice to finally meet Brian's family! A lot of effort and secret keeping went into making this trip work! I can't thank Brian and his family enough for having us and helping pull together all the loose ends, sleeping arrangements, meals, etc... Thanks to Mom who of course wouldn't have missed it! Thanks to Kate for making the mighty trek out of Wickenburg! and Thanks to Daniel for sacrificing the holiday weekend with your son so we could see him!

I can't say enough thank you's to everyone!!!!


Erica said...

so so cute! i love all of the easter pics!! i miss everyone already! jake and kar are the best! <3 you!!

Erica said...

ready to come back yet?

MRMD_GRL said...

Love the pics... what a skimpy bathing suit miss kar is wearing!