Wednesday, April 15, 2009

CA trip installment #1

I just uploaded all my pics and realized I have about a million and one I want to share! In hopes of not overwhelming myself and my lovely readers I am going to post it by day/topic.

Day #1: Friday...heading to California and the random pics that entailed.

My day started off less than lovely and peaceful. We had dropped Chris off at the airport the night before which meant I was responsible for taking the dogs to be boarded...enter hell. It was super sucky, I cried twice and truly considered dropping them off in the woods! They loaded up so well and just went bonkers halfway there! Still dropping them off with their sad eyes made me feel quite guilty. Karly and I rushed home to finish packing before Aunt Gay picked us up to head to the airport. I am the world's largest procrastinator! I always promise myself that I will get better yet I never do.

The flight from Dallas to Tyler was fabulous...short and easy! We had an hour layover in Dallas which gave us time to get to the necessary terminal and buy a magazine...and then we had a 2 hour delay. The delay completely ruined our plans to surprise Erica at work. My mom and Katie had plenty of delays as well...mainly stopping every 45 minutes because Jake was puking.

We all made it to LA around 5:30!! Erica was in her apartment completely weirded out because my mom lied and said she was walking around (which is not like her at all) and my phone had been off much of the day. Either way, Brian called Erica and said my mom was in his apartment to come on up. Kate, Karly, Jake and I all hid in Bri's room. Erica came in squealing and hugging my mom and perfectly she had her back to us. We all quietly rushed up and stood behind her. The hug ended and my mom said I brought you a present....TADA and around she turned! YAY...lots of hugs and squealing! It was so great to all be together again! The sucky travel paid off in this moment alone!

We pretty much chatted for a few and headed out for dinner. Everywhere you go in LA you park in a parking garage and take an escalator or elevator up to where you want to be. Yes even in Erica's apt and at the grocery store! The grocery store was totally weird to hop in an elevator to get to! We went to the Yard House and had dinner and back to the apartment for some rest! None of us slept well; probably the combination of excitement and a new place!

It was so great to see my family! Here are a few pics from Day 1.
I hope you enjoy!
Jake playing hide and seek

K & E

Jake & Karly dancing

Come back tomorrow for Day #2a: Saturday (the first half) a little bit of tourism and the beach (TONS of pics and video clips!)


Allie said...

I'm so jealous I love CA!! So glad you had a break to go see family. At least you made it safely even if it was a hassel.

MRMD_GRL said...

I miss your voice!!! I don't hear it often enouh!!!

Look at E!!! It's been forever since I saw her too!!!

I am glad you still got to surprise her, I was SOOO worried it wouldn't work out!