Friday, April 17, 2009

CA trip installment # 2b

As previously mentioned before we aren't the most time efficient family. We finally made it to the beach and shopping area! We didn't have much time and spotted some great things! Unfortunately for Karly we didn't have time to actually shop and buy...unfortunately for me...I am huge and didn't want to waste my money on California Muumuus!

They had this huge popsicle that I am assuming was for an ad of some sort since there was a photographer taking pictures of it. It was pretty cool looking!

Jake of course had to go in for the taste! I missed him actually licking it, I was laughing too hard. This is right after though...he said it was "good".

Random balloon making man working for tips; he probably makes more money than any of us. He called everyone "my friend"...
Overly Nice Man: "and what can I make for you my friend?"
Karly: "a monkey"
Overly Nice Man: "and what color monkey would you like?"
Karly: "brown"
Overly Nice Man: "I'm sorry my friend but I don't have about orange?"
Karly: "sure"
Overly Nice Man: "here you are my orange monkey"

Ok so he was actually super nice to the kids and actually pretty good. Jake got a puppy.

Really unsure why sometimes blogger flips pictures...drives me crazy!

Off to the beach we walk! One stop for a quick picture with Arizona Avenue in the background...HELLO TOURISTS! Where is my fanny pack!?!

So I am pregnant and slow. Jake has short legs and well, everyone else seems to just slowly cruise along; this is pretty much the view we had of Erica and Brian most of the day :) them half a block ahead of us all!

Almost there...yes, we are still walking! You think I can put one of these fabulous little beach condos on my baby registry? Christmas list maybe? Seriously there were some really cute ones!

and we finally made it!!! By the time we got there we literally had about 15 minutes to play. Then Brian and Erica in their smart thinking realized how much faster they are and offered to walk all the way back to the cars so the kids could play longer. They came and picked us up MUCH MUCH closer. I know Karly and Jake appreciated it almost as much as I did ;) It gave the kids a lot more time to enjoy the beach!

I can just hear Karly...this is it Jake...this is the ocean! It was Jake's first time and Karly is a certified beach bum at this point. She truly could stay there all day every day!

Jake getting brave and venturing out...this is about 5 seconds before falling in and getting completely soaked. Hence the naked baby below :)

Karly follows suit and ditches her pants too. How did we raise such little nudists?!?!

Jake had some ummm...issues, using the bathroom away from home...that is until we got to the beach. Notice the girls tanning in the background? Thank goodness they were all laughing and Erica was off to get the car because she probably would have died from embarrassment! Poor Jake really had to go!

and what happens after you poo on the beach? your mom wipes your sandy butt with no regard for the sandpaper effect...doesn't look like that feels too nice!

A few more random pictures to leave you with!

Not sure why I forget that I can't turn my camera sideways when recording :)

Jake running from the water

and one more!

See you next post with Erica's know...the reason we actually went to California!


Erica said...

love the pic with the arizona sign in the background... wish i was in it!

hate the pic of me from behind... look like a slop dogg!

can't get past the naked baby! glad i wasn't there for the "entire" experience!

love you guys!

MRMD_GRL said...

Where the hell are the baby belly pictures... you are hiding sawyer in every one of the!!!

PS - are you serious, jake poo'd on the beach just like that- are you guys hicks? put him in the water or at least by it so it would get washed away!!!

So funny!!!