Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wanna Make It Wednesday on Thursday...

Man I am doing so good with my Wanna Make It’s lately!  What is this, like at least 4 weeks in a row?! Granted a few have been bumped to Thursday BUT I am still totally counting them!
 Woo Hoo me…ok done patting myself on the back!

Ready for this week??

Quiet Books.  I love these books every time I see them!  They are so cute and I love to think they would be one on those handmade gifts that will be saved forever and ever and in 2040 my kids will say “mom these are so cool and old fashion” ha ha!  Seriously though…they might!  These definitely aren’t the ONLY quiet books out there, but they are super cute and have me newly motivated to make one…or two if I really get motivated.  There are bits and pieces of each one that I love!  Now to just get busy with my own!

I love this button name page by Homemade by Jill.  She has a ton of free patterns for pages on her blog along with tips and tricks she learned along the way!  HERE is the link to the post of her finished book.

I shouldn't be surprised, but was when I saw how many people had posted their quiet books from childhood 30 years ago!  See...I told you, vintage toys ;)  Sew Can Do shares pictures of her childhood quiet book along with what she is making for her kids too.  I love that her mom added the year to the book.  I will definitely have to do that too!

I love the idea of having a few puzzles!  Crafty Chic shares her puzzle pages.  I haven't seen this idea on any other ones and LOVE it!  The puzzles are each kept in the pockets on the left and worked on the felt square on the right!  She also shares a handful of other pages as well.

Sugar Bee Craft Edition shares her experience with leading a Quiet Book Group!  Group ladies, each making 2 page sets XX times and swapping.  I kind of like that idea!  Though, I'd probably be controlling and want my kids to have one that just I made :)  because I am a total psycho like that!  Either way, her post is great, she is a confessed project quitter and finished this!  She also gives a really good rundown of the specifics.  Here are a few of my favorite pages of hers I also love her tic tac toe page, counting bead page and a pretty much all of them BUT I didn't want to steal every picture from her post :)

These adorable barn pages are from her groups project but the template is on the Homemade by Jill blog

the little finger puppets inside the barn!  Ummm... love it!

and last but not least the Craft Pouch had a few super cute pages that I may have to 'borrow'.
I think this one is my most favorite and know Sawyer would love it!  He has a thing for cars and more specifically the wheels themselves.

I also love the faces

Ready to start but would like a little more instructions on the specifics of building your book?  Head over to Modest Maven.  She shares a printable instruction sheet with the sizes and steps that she used for her craft group.  It would definitely be a big help if you want to take some of the guess work out or get together with a group of friends.

Desperate to make one but aren't feeling creative enough to think of the page themes?  Maybe you are too busy or just don't want to make one?  Check out these stores!  They offer patterns for tons of different themes and even some finish made quiet books.

Like I said, there are a ton of ideas, patterns, tutorials out there; these are just a few of my favorites!  I am seriously so looking forward to starting this project that it has kept me moving on my craft room redo!

Good Luck!


Samantha said...

I have seen different people talking about soft books and of course the store bought options but they aren't exactly what I want - and now reading this I have decided to make one or 2 or 3 for my little guy! It will be great gifts for his 1st Christmas (he will be exactly 4months old on Christmas)

Laura said...