Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My little cellist

Karly’s school requires all 6th graders to have art or instrument class.  Karly of course in true Karly fashion picked the one that would cost me money…and of course then the most expensive instrument.  That’s my little cellist!  In all seriousness, it is really a beautiful instrument and I hope she sticks with it beyond 6th grade.

Last Monday she had her first school performance for her orchestra class.  I will admit I was expecting to have ringing ears when I left, but overall they were really pretty good!  I played the violin in 2nd grade and I was AWFUL!!!!  These kids were good!  They have only been playing for about 6 weeks and only have class for about 45 minutes a day.   Here are a few video clips of it!  Sorry for the blurry wobbly video taking I wasn’t very comfortable and Sawyer decided he would be a wild man. 


In this video you'll notice the boys smacking the strings...yeah she was supposed to do that too, but why doesn't she??? When I asked, her answer "it looks ugly, cellos are pretty and that makes them look ugly"

Nice Kar. That's my child.


Linee Yeo said...

Totally enjoyed the videos :) They are awesome!

Nicole Benitez, said...

Fantastic!! That would be awesome if she stuck with it!