Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wanna Make it Wednesday 05/05

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

I have meant to post this project for quite some time but for some reason I couldn't "borrow" the pictures from her blog. (yes, I did email for permission first) I decided it was good enough to hunt down again and retry and TADA! it worked! This is a great Wanna Make It for my crochet folks!

Mary Jane slippers! These are quick to whip up and did I mention FREE?? We love free! Go check out Good Knits for the patterns I did find them a little small for me following her directions. I will add another 2 rows or so for my size 6.5-7 foot next time I make them.   Just a heads up for ya!

She also has a toddler version that is adorable!!

Next up and perfect dinner tonight....Fish Tacos! These look absolutely drool on myself delicious! I wonder if I could get the family to eat them???? Get the recipe at Our Best Bites. If you aren't following their it. They make some tasty stuff!

Now let's try to get this theme a link up!  Go back to your blog, make your Wanna Make it (even if it only has 1 project) come back here and link up to share with all of us.  It's great for sharing good projects and helps keep an actual list of sorts of things you want to make!  I always come back to mine :)


Sara said...

The toddler shoes are precious! Love them!

I LOVE the linky idea! Thanks for doing this! I will go do mine now:) I think it also requires a blog button!!!! *wink wink*

Unknown said...

I wish I could knit. Those slippers are sooo cute! The fish tacos look awesome. Let us know how they turn out!


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