Friday, May 14, 2010

Help save a baby monkey

Ready for your heart to be broken? No? Me either. I can't imagine hearing the news this mother heard. Your 18 month old has cancer. I hate cancer. It terrifies me. A lot of people in blog world are pulling together to raise money and show support for this babies family. I have donated a few items that will be used in a raffle. I encourage you to donate whatever you can, buy a raffle ticket or 2 or even click on the button below and donate what you can, even $5 helps this family. To read more click on the links below.  To donate a few bucks on little monkey.

To read Monkey's store from her Momma's mouth click HERE
For more info on how, what and who in regards to donations go HERE
and for even more info and updates go HERE

Click on monkey to donate...please help!

Now, go do whatever you can to help!


Rachel said...

that scares me to death! But it happens all the time! That would be so hard!

Erica said...

so sad! must say i dislike that she cursed on her blog about the baby! nonetheless... heartbreaking! praying for monkey ;)