Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Someone peel my away from the blog stalking!

My Wanna Make it list is getting out of control! I need more time and money!

Don't you just love Spring? YES you say? I know, me too! I love all the pretty colors, flowers and nice weather. I grew up in the desert so grass and flowers are a real treat to me. I will admit while my garden is looking pretty lovely our flower bed....well, it looks like crap. My fault. I get super motivated and then super lazy or sidetracked...not sure which exactly starts first but I am fairly certain it boils down to something similar to the chicken and the egg ;)

Well, I finally got my flowers in the ground and am hoping they will recover and maybe spread a little. Apparently flowers prefer water more than every few days and something about getting them out of those black plastic things and into the ground in less than a month. After sort of, completely half assing the flowers this year I am committing to kicking butt next year. LOTS of annuals! I am not down with buying and planting so much each year. I am hoping to keep the annuals towards the back and just plant the seasonal stuff in the front. I also want to plant some maybe around the trees? or along the edge of the driveway? Any ideas?

Until next year...I need to make this! Smaller area, less flowers but still packs a punch! I had this type of topiary on my list last year and never got to it, I searched www and couldn't find the directions anymore. Of course a few days later I found this version at Keen Inspirations made from plastic (much lighter to move and maybe cheaper?) pots from the dollar store!! Hello?!?! I love these things!

and last week I ran across this. 
(Now I am telling a lie.  It's Thursday night right this second and I am drafting this so I don't forget or lose the link!  Hanging onto this without posting until next Wednesday will be total torture!) 
Now I am totally in love!! I love, LoVe, LOVE this!!! It is moving to the top of the list! I may have to paint my house to go better with the pots though? Speaking of...who the hell would paint a house lavender with plum trim??? Really...welcome to my house. I need to at least paint that trim in hopes of taking away some of the bubble yum purple!

 Oh how I love this wonderful topiary. It packs the springy punch! 

For the tutorial head over to Positively Splendid.  I love it, I love it, I love it...did I mention that?

What's on your list???  Link up!


Miss Madison's Mommy said...

ohhhh I super love them all, but my plants ALWAYS die! aghh! I need to find a green thumb :)

living_dead_babe said...

I wanna see the Bubble Yum Purple house. Can we paint a big eye on the front of it and call it The Purple People eater???? The flower pots are cute they would be a nice to have outside. My flower beds are neglected this year cause I'm the one that does them. Thou I am growing some lovely thistles mixed in with my annuals. I'll never get the lawn of the month award lol.

Sara said...

I love the painted pots. Wish I had time to make one for my house. Plus, a green thumb would be nice. Not literally though, that would be weird wouldn't it? Why is it called that?

Sara said...

I love your blog! Please pop on over to my site to receive your Versatile Blogger award!