Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I am an addict

ME:  Hi, my name is Scotti and I am an addict
YOU:  Hi Scotti
ME:  It's been 36 hours since I last used...

my glue gun ;) 

ok...ok...a little too lame? yes, yes I am

Today you can find me over at Craftaholics Anonymous!  Click the button to go visit! 
I hope you enjoy the crochet headband tutorial!

If you are coming over from CA...stick around for a bit.  Oh, and I wouldn't mind a new follower or 2...come on...all the cool kids are doing it!  Oh, and I may bribe you with a giveaway you can enter HERE

Hopefully I am feeling better ASAP so I can get you some Wanna Make It Wednesday love up...if not, I promise it will be back next week!!


SkinnyMeg said...

very funny and cool!

Sara said...

I loved the headband tutorial! I can't wait for the stitchalong either. I'm going to put the button on my blog now!

Ashley said...

hahaha... not lame at all! I like it.