Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thought of the day Thursday

Two things I would like to see:

A) Healthier drive thru selections. I promise not all Americans want to be fat asses. Unfortunately most Americans are super busy and take the easy option too often. (raising my hand) If I could drive through and get a good tasting and healthy salad, sandwich, soup, etc…I would be all for it!

B) Drive thru post office. This seriously would be so amazingly fabulous and is totally doable! Can anyone open a post office??? hmmm….things to think about!

I do realize I sound like a lazy bum with 2 requests for drive up service…I wasn’t this way before. Hauling a 20 pound baby in a 20 pound car seat while juggling my mail and delicious McDonalds fries is no easy feat :)

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