Monday, February 23, 2009

Tax Rant

Well, my title is pretty self explanatory. I will start by saying that I do know it could be worse…we could have gotten less of a return than we did and we could have ended up owing money…but I still need to vent because honestly neither of those seem fair either!

It drives me absolutely crazy the way America works sometimes!! Chris and I work very hard for what we have and what we want. Ok, well my job is very easy but I still get up and spend 40 hours a week of my life here. Chris takes any overtime hours he can get. We went to file our taxes Saturday and we got less than last year! We made more money and get less back. The tax lady actually told us if we would have worked all year (remember it took us 2+ months to find jobs) that we may have ended up owing. She said to have a baby or buy a house this year. I think that is such bullshit! We are average Americans busting ass to bring everything together and you are telling me that next year we may have to pay unless we have a baby or buy a home!?! What if I weren’t pregnant. So, apparently in the world we live in, in order to not owe taxes you need to make very little money all year or get on welfare.

I am not saying I deserve more than the next guy, or that people on welfare don't deserve anything surely shouldn't get more back than you paid in! I wouldn't expect more back than what I paid but neither should someone else just because they fall in a lower tax bracket! To me this says be a lazy ass, milk the system and will give you a few grand more than you even paid out of your checks all year! The lady filing our taxes told us earlier that week she did someone who paid LESS than 100 dollars all year and they got over $4000 back! How does this work and how is it fair?!?! I mean reallly you are already getting a hand out all year long from Uncle Sam and now you are getting my hard earned money too? I would rather pay it all in and nobody get money back. It's a slap in the face really.

I know there are plenty more people that pay plenty more than we do but GGGRRRR!!!!!

Edited: 02/24/09 8am

Let me clarify before I get a million emails about welfare and the need. I am NOT saying there is no need for welfare or that living on it is kosher and wonderful. What I am trying to say is that no one, poorest of the poor, middle class, or wealthiest of the wealthy should get more back on a tax return than they put in! IT ISN'T NOR HAS IT EVER BEEN THEIR MONEY!


Laura said...

Here Here! If we hadn't bought our house and gotten the "no intrest loan" that's right have to pay it back in 15 years time, we'd owe out the @$$ this year. I'd love to be on welfare at this sucks not being able to buy new cars our have more children because we make too much money to get free medcare, and food, and day care. We are trying our best to just pay the bills, but then again, maybe I should take the approach that the bum did asking me for $ while in a new tahoe...apparently it works!

Courtney said...

I don't know... Sure there are some people milking the system but are they really happy? I mean, it's not like they are living the good life with all this money. They are dirt poor and the money the government gives them doesn't make them able to buy fun stuff. Also, if they are milking the system then they probably have some issues.

And the thing is that some people are not milking the system and really need some help. And while they need money at this point in their life, they can't be on welfare forever and will pay things back eventually.

It's true that things aren't fair but perhaps you may be in this position someday (I hope not but who knows) and if there wasn't anything there for help it would really suck.

Erica said...

I completely agree with you sista! If you do not pay that amount of money in taxes throughout the year then there is NO way you should be getting back that much! The rest of us are footing the bill for undeserving individuals just living off of the system. Granted there is sometimes a need for government aid, for the most part our system is being exploited!! Not only frustrates you, but most of Americans who are working hard for a living :D

SloneFamily said...

Thank You Scotti! Well Said sista :) Same exact thing happen to us to, because I worked for some of the year... we seriously got barely anything back. Tax Lady said same year will be better, because you will have 3 kids and I am sure you will be staying home. Listen to this-- I have a friend of a friend who hardly paid any taxes last year, they are pretty low income but had a baby and bought a house in 08 and they got...get ready to puke.... 14,000 back?!?!?! What the Hell, there is something wrong with our system. Our country is going to hell in a handbasket!