Thursday, February 5, 2009


One week (almost), countless seam rippings, finger pokings and a few hair pullings later…I did it! I made my first “purse”. So, it’s really more of a clutch, far too small for me to ever actually use, but I made it all by myself! I sewed the damn thing together upside down and then when I got it the right way I sewed it together! As in the opening part together!

That green side should be able to be stuffed down into the flower side to create the lining...kind of hard when you sew it together :) I also decided I don't like that little wristlet strap. Next time no strap.

(sorry for the lame quality BB pics!) While this wouldn't work for my every day, it is a decent size and could carry the daily junk and then some, just not my daily junk. It would be the perfect size for a few diapers and wipe holder!

(not sure why it's rotating the pic...tried a millon different things and it really wants to be sideways I guess!)

Next project...after I make something for my little princess at her request of course...a cute one for Sawyer's diapers! Oh yes, and I just got stuff to attempt baby shoes as well!! Super cute!

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Courtney said...

Wow Scotti! It's so cute. I love it! Good work.