Monday, February 9, 2009


I was officially 22 weeks pregnant Saturday. Just over halfway there! I am really feeling pregnant! Between feeling Sawyer move, maternity pants and my scale flying upwards much quicker and higher this month it’s hard to forget! Aside from this pinched nerve and some basic achy back and heavy belly I feel great! I love feeling good and I love feeling him so active in there! If all 9 months of pregnancy were like this I would have a dozen babies! I was taking pictures of my most recent project and thought I would attempt to snap a belly shot…well, I am too big to take a side profile by myself so you get to see what I see every time I look down! Yes, I can still see my shoes!


MRMD_GRL said...

your belly is bigger then your boobies!!! yay!!!

Wish I was there to see in person, so excited for you!


Courtney said...

You are so cute. Maybe you could ask your husband or your daughter take a picture. :)