Friday, April 20, 2012

Week 10

Ready for week 10??

This week you'll need to finish 15 of your squares if you are doing them a round at a time. You should have about 75 done at the end of this week. 

 If you've been making a single granny at a time you will shoot for 10 this week. If you've been doing them this way you should have around 70 by the end of this week. 

88 squares and we are done!  
That means just a few more weeks and we'll be sewing them together!!!

Here are mine so far!
 Yep if you are counting I am about 15 behind!  Yikes!  Ran out of yarn and finally got some today so I'll be hooking lots this weekend to catch up!  

Don't forget to post your progress pics on Inner Hooker on facebook!

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