Thursday, April 12, 2012

Green Bean Bundle Recipe

MMMMM......Green Bean Bundles...... {wiping drool off my keyboard and moving on}

Have you ever heard of green bean bundles? I hadn't, and honestly the first time I tried them I wasn't crazy for them but now I love these little bundles of deliciousness. My dear husband is OBSESSED with these things!  Chris's family makes these green bean bundles for most of the holiday gatherings. Finally after a few years of dreaming of the holidays solely for this beloved side dish he asked for the recipe. He is now the green bean bundle pro! He was so kind as to let me assist him...err...snap a few pics and jot down the I could share with you all. I don't think he was devastated that we'd be having them for dinner either. 

Green Bean Bundles 
1 stick butter, melted  
3/4 - 1 Cup brown sugar 
 2-3 Tbs worcestershire sauce 
 3 cans french style green beans 
1-1.5 pack of bacon (thin is actually better)

Sorry for the iffy measurements. A lot is preference, if you like sweet use the full cup of sugar (we usually do), same with the worcestershire sauce...if you like it go for the full 3 tbls...we do. The amount of bacon you'll need will depend on how many green beans you put in each wrap. We usually use almost 1.5 packs for a pan full of bundles.  

Preheat your oven to 350.  

Cut your bacon in half 

place a bundle of beans on the bacon and roll up.  

Once your bundles are all rolled.  Mix the melted butter, brown sugar and worcestershire sauce together and drizzle over your pan of rolled bundles.

all ready for the oven!

Bake at 350 for about 40 minutes, drain BUT SAVE THE LIQUID.  Put bundles back in the oven until bacon crisps up to your liking.  Once they are cooked how you like pour the reserved sauce back over. Let stand for a few minutes and eat!  If you prefer you can just cook them until the bacon is done, this will result in a little soggier bacon which is why we crisp it up a bit.  

We aren't soggy bacon lovers in this house!


Anonymous said...

I just can't help but think anything with bacon is better... and this is on top of the better list. I wonder if this would pair well with asparagus for bundling as well... hmmm.

The Denmark Family said...

These will be on our menu this week for sure!!!