Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Two Kazoos!

Every now and again I run across a shop I'd like to share with you all.  Well, there are actually tons of amazing shops out there but between the advertising/giveaway posts I don't want to slam you with too many shops but this one is worth spamming you!  Two Kazoos!  

First of all Two Kazoos is a super fun name.  Second, her items are all felt based...some of you may remember after the Christmas Advent calendar I have a new love for quality felt and felt made items.  

cute right?!?!  They even come with a little pouch to keep it all contained when not using. 

She also sells a handful of other things and takes custom orders!  Tooth fairy bags, magnets, hair clips, baby board books, banners and more.  Two Kazoos also sells a few types of felt if you are into crafting your own things.  

What I really wanted to share with you are her embellishments though.  They are a perfect addition to your IH hats!  Well any hat really ;)  I can't wait to order a few for sweatshirts this winter.  My boys aren't the kind of boys that can wear the same sweatshirt all week.  They are a once wear kind of boy.  I can guarantee they will have dirt, snot, and food on them after one wear...yes, all 3 of those lovely things.
  Solution:  cheaper sweatshirts made cuter with a little boy bling.  Since my husband prefers I not bedazzle them I will just have to embellish them ;)

Would this rocket not be great for Sawyer?

A few other cute ones!  Karly was always into monkeys...she probably would die if I put one on a sweater for her now! haha!

Remember this hat from well over a year ago...
gasp yes that is my baby that is no longer a little baby :(  and no longer has blue eyes either.  
Man he is so cute!  Oh back to the hat....

I love this hat...I don't even mind making the hat but those damn embellishments kill me.  

I hate making them!  Step in Two Kazoos!!  I knew I had to share her shop when I saw these!  

PERFECT RIGHT?!?!  She even offers them in different sizes!

They are perfect for you DIYers that don't want to do it for your own kids hats or even sellers that don't!  Bump up your hat price a little and order them!  I plan on selling a few of them later this year and will go this route!  The cost more than makes up for how long it would take me.

If you haven't linked over to Two Kazoos yet do it!  Also follow her on Facebook and stay in the know...she also posts sneak peaks of her custom items which are always fun to see!  You never know, it might be something you didn't even know you needed!

Check her out, she has some great items and you are supporting another work at home mom in the good ol US of A!  

Want the Inner Hooker hat pattern?  go here:  Inner Hooker

Go handmade!!


Danyel Pink said...

I customized a rocket for my son! LOVE her shop! :)

Amanda said...

I love her stuff! She custom made all sorts of goodies for my son's 1st birthday. She is super easy to work with and does AMAZING work!!! I can't say enough good things about her!