Monday, September 14, 2009

New Casa!

Soooo if you haven't heard yet we are moving! Yes ma'am you read that correctly! We had wanted to buy about a year ago but had to get some things cleared up and build up on my credit and hope the market slowly came back. We also wanted to wait for our little man to be born a healthy boy and get him paid off :) yes babies cost a lot of dollars to have! Well, we fixed what needed to be fixed, banks slowly are starting to loan again and the starts and planets aligned! Woo Hoo!

Anyways after looking at about a million houses we found "the one". My biggest complaint is that it is farther from work than I would like. We are spoiled with a quick commute right now. I adore the neighborhood so it seemed like an ok trade for me. I also wanted 4 bedrooms but settled on a huge laundry room...where my sewing and I have been banished to and a pool! I can't wait until we close and have keys in hand! It is right around 2000 sq feet which isn't a lot to some of you but is huge compared to what we are doing now. Also...a dishwasher! Hallelujah no more hand washing! Who does Chris think I am Cinderella?!?!

I am stoked to slowly make this house our own a room at a time! Here are some pics!

Ready for your virtual tour?

Welcome to the front door/entry way

The entry walks you right into the living and dining area...also pretty much the kitchen. They are all kind of hooked up together and open.


DiningKitchen; not crazy about the cupboards--have short and long term plans for them :)

We will take a little walk to the right down the hall...bathroom #1; not crazy about the lovely counter tile...lucky for us we have a wonderful uncle who does granite work ;) not a must be done now project though

Back down the hall...bedroom #1 (Karly's not because its green and she enjoys making me paint but because its bigger and she wants the bigger...too bad Sawyer can't talk yet) I am secretly hoping she will like the pink one better which eliminates the painting all around.
Bedroom #2 - Sawyers room
Another of bedroom #2and the MasterMaster bath...the best part...2 separate closets and separate sinks and counters! Yes, all of the bedrooms are on the same side of the house...most people hate that and wont even consider a house that isn't a split floor plan. I am psycho and terrified that someone will steal my kids out of their window so I prefer to be close this is perfect for me!

Ok, now turn around and go back down the hall and through the kitchen...
enter the mudroom. I am not sure what they call these rooms here in TX but I don't think its mudroom because when I say it people don't seem to know what I am talking about. Either way it is a little room off the back door. Has some space and storage and you can see the 1/2 bath...perfect for wet bodies that have to pee :) If you walk through the bath the laundry room is there. Not sure why I didn't attach a picture of that. Maybe because laundry rooms aren't very exciting? Should be interesting attempting to fit all my crafty goodness in it.
Go out that lovely white back door to the backyard. I LOVE the backyard! I think it pretty much sealed the house for us! Obviously there is a pool, but there is also a great shop, raised garden bed, brick fire pit, and lots of great grass to run in!I hope you enjoyed your virtual tour :) Can't wait to post pics as we get moved in!

PS my biggest advice to your credit! Trust me once you have a few dings it takes a decade to fix it! Then when you get married you get to listen to your spouse bitch about your irresponsibility at 20 :)


MRMD_GRL said...

i loved the tour! I want to come see it soooo bad!!! this house is adorable and you guys will enjoy it!!

Erica said...

i can't wait to see it with all your stuff in it! how fun... to build a home <3