Thursday, September 17, 2009

Had To Share This

I just had to share this! First of all...I love anything that is for a good cause (which it is). Secondly...I love sandals! I blame this on my inner Arizona girl. We are going on our 7th straight day of rain and I am still sporting flip flops...its a sickness I swear :) Anyways onto more important sharing than talk of my sausage toes.

I will admit I am not the most fashionable gal and tend to lean towards comfort, and well...whatever can fit my chub these days. So forgive me if these aren't mainstream cute but I love them! The best part is the ties are interchangeable! Well the best part is probably that in buying the shoes you are helping put young Ugandan women through college.

Summer is almost over for most parts of the US but my AZ peeps still have a few months and we do here too! to sneak order them without my bank account stalker noticing...hmmm????

Now go read their story, see their pictures and order yours!!! Sseko Designs

You can check out the blog here.

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