Monday, September 14, 2009

Honest Scrap Blog Award!!

I start my morning like most, work stuff then sneak in a few minutes of blog reading while I feed Sawyer. Kylee is always posting something for my entertainment...ok not just mine. Either way she always has lots of great pics and usually a heartfelt post so I love to read her. This morning I head over and see that she has given me an award!
Thanks Kylee!
So for those of you non all the time bloggers you may not know the whole blog award deal. Honestly I have never really done it and this is only the second time I have been given one. The first time was from Allison at Finding Inspiration in Food...go check her out...tasty tasty stuff....anyways... I really didn't know what to do with it so I did nothing (sorry!) Now that my chance has come again I wanted to be sure I did it and sent out a big thanks!

Kylee blog parent to The Life of a Proud Young Mommy gave me this award! Love it and Thank You Thank You Thank You! I have met Kylee face to face just a handful of times. She is the daughter of my old boss and a great lady! Susan (her momma) was more than just a boss she really was more of a life mentor. When I was feeling (and being) a train wreck Susan sat me down and talked to me. She is a great woman that probably has no idea how much of an impact she left on me. It is no surprise that her daughter Kylee is so amazing! Some may look at Kylee and say...great another teenage mom. She is a teen mom, but so much more. She blows me away with her maturity, grace and love for life and most importantly her daughter. Being a teen mom I read her blogs (yes plural) and have been brought to tears on more than one occasion. She has handled teen pregnancy, single parenthood, and all the things that life throws her way wonderfully! I truly have more respect for this young woman than I can put into words.

With this award I am supposed to share 10 honest things about myself...seems easy but now that I am thinking of 10 things its harder to think of 10 interesting things that I haven't shared already ;) Sometimes I worry I share too much on here, but find it so healing and wonderful when other people share things that I can relate to. I think as women and mothers we have long been pressured to present this picture perfect un-reality (not sure if its a word but it is now). No one is everything to everyone and can be the perfect wife, parent, daughter, sister and friend all while looking smashing at 7am :)

Now Let the Sharing Begin!

I am super insecure. I truly think if I went to a doctor it would classify as social phobia. If you know me you would never guess it because once I know people I appear confident and borderline annoying with how much I talk :) In reality I constantly feel like people are looking at me and judging me. This is the main cause of me dropping out of college. I would drive to school and have a meltdown in the parking lot and not be able to get out of my car. This is something that has held me back so much in life. As I said it was the main reason I stopped going to school but also effects me daily from being too insecure to go somewhere alone or even ask for help in the local fabric store. I try daily to work on overcoming it. I will probably battle this much of my life.

I LOVE my family more than is probably healthy. Chris and my babies are my entire world. I talk to my mom and sisters just about every day. I worry about the day that they all get too busy to chat with me. I am super sad my kids will not grow up with their cousins :( My sisters and I are tremendously close and I always imagined us living a short drive from each other...not in 3 different states.

I love creating. I dream of creative ideas and crafting...on the regular! Some of my best ideas come to me while I am snoring away...which brings me to #4

I snore! Not a sweet precious little lady snore. I am a full on fat man snore. I never snored until I was in my 20's. My dear husband sleeps with ear plugs in...honestly. I love you Chris!

I am a good friend... if you aren't high maintenance. If you ever need me I will be there for you. I just can't handle constant drama or negative Nelly's. I hate talking on the phone so if I can't facebook, email, IM or something similar with you we probably don't talk much. It isn't that I don't love you or want to talk to you. I just hate talking on the phone.

I love pictures and envy my great photographer friends and family. I wish I were better and hope to spend more time practicing this.

I struggle with people that take advantage of the government when it isn't absolutely necessary. I wish they made it more difficult for people to get assitance. I think if you can afford your fake nails, beer, and cell phone you can afford to feed your kids. No child should go hungry but no parent should expect a free ride. If you can't afford prenatal bills, hospital bill to birth your child, formula, their medical and food you surely can't afford that child...quit having kids. I know there are cases where truly people cannot feed their families and that is a shame. What is even worse is when these people can't get help because the lazy ass down the street expects a handout.

The birth of Sawyer was the single most healing event of my life. It allowed me to feel like a complete and able woman. It brought Chris and I to a completely different level. It gave Karly a sibling. The only thing it did that I wouldn't have imagined was to allow me to see my mom in a completely different way. I always felt like my relationship with my mom was fragile and bruised. Mothering 2 children requires far more energy and effort than I could have imagined. Mothering 3 young ones alone at my age is beyond my comprehension. I used to judge her decisions now I realize she was doing the best she could with what she had to take care of us. This has been a humbling and amazing realization. I love my momma.


I am a terrible terrible procrastinator. It is unhealthy and drives me crazy. I can't stop myself from doing it.10.I am desperate to own my own business. I have always had the dream to do something I am passionate about. I have a good job that treats me extremely well. I just want to do something that fills me with joy and fulfills me every day. Something that I can share my creativity...oh and bring my kids with me if I want.


I am desperate to own my own business. I spend many hours of my life day dreaming how fabulous it will be! I have always had this dream and truly believe it will come true for me. I have a good job that I can't complain about. I want something that feeds my passion and leaves me fulfilled...oh and something I can do and bring my babies. I know exactly what this dream is and hope to make it come true soon.

I hope you all enjoyed my 10 tidbits that you may not have not known about me :)

Now to pass on the award...


Dani at Dani, Kasey, & Ryder- we go WAY back... to see her as a mom now is amazing!! Her son Ryder is adorable!! and always up to something completely 'boy'.


Nicki at A Mermaid and her Mommy- probably the most involved parent I know...wish I could be more like that...then I realize I hate playing barbies :) Nicki is the momma we see on tv...feel free to pinch her if you would like ;)


Priscilla at Priscilla Bakes- this young lady is YOUNG!!! I want to say high school aged. Her blog kicks a$$...she has great recipes and tons of sponsorships. She is a young lady of great talent and faith. Looking for something for on over!


My new Texas friend Brandi at The Procrastinator not only does she juggle her 2 kids but has 4 nieces and nephews full time...did I mention she is my age!?!?!


Anna at A. Banana's Blogs - love reading her blog and checking out the tons of new pics she always post.


Not sure how food blogs play into the whole honesty things but as I mention above Allison from Finding Inspiration in Food is great...tons of great stuff I always swear I am going to try to make...try the sopapilla cheesecake...its to die for!

and last but definitely not least Aly at The Slones this woman has endured and overcome more than most of could ever imagine. She never stops cracking me up with her witty honest posts on motherhood! She has taught me to embrace my imperfections and short comings because lets be honest...none of us are perfect behind closed doors! Not to mention her girls are adorable!


MRMD_GRL said...

thank you scotti for being honest, for being real and for being you. You are an **amazing** person and I love you

Now for my blog assignment!! :)

Siri said...

Wow I would never have imagined #1 based on how open you are here, on SP, and on FB. However, I AM THE SAME WAY!! (Oh and I hate talking on the phone too)

Anonymous said...

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