Tuesday, May 26, 2009

PTA Music Performance

Karly's 4th grade recently put on a little music performance for the PTA and parents. Sneaky way to dupe you into attending the PTA meeting huh?!?! Just a great reminder of why I am not on the PTA...I mean really... you should have heard the lameness they were "voting" on. Not to mention its 5 parents who are essentially all buddies. They couldn't handle me! ANYWAYS... back on track... This is part of 4th grade singing and playing recorders...enjoy!


Erica said...

don't you just love the sound of a recorder? haha esp. when played off key! i'd rather stick bamboo shoots up my fingernails! karly is still adorable as always! xoxo

Erica said...

listened to the video... they are actually pretty good! erase previous comment :) although i think they are playing a jesus song?!?