Saturday, May 2, 2009

Karly's Recital!

Yes, my apologies, I am a week behind on posting this. Last Friday was Karly's recital for ballet and cheer. Well her teacher told us there was one production Friday night and 3 Saturday. Most of Chris's family had planned on coming Saturday and I hardly took any pictures assuming I had 3 more chances. Production ends, everyone says their goodbyes and I am super confused?!?! Apparently there are 3 Saturday....for the little kids :( So I hardly got any pics or video clips to share. Good thing I have posted them from the practices!
As always anything on a Friday after work is chaotic! We finally got everything together and Karly did beautifully! We are so proud of this kid! Here are a few pictures and short clips!


SloneFamily said...

How Fun! You have got to be one proud Mama :)

Erica said...

she is too cute! wish i could have been there to cheer her on! woo hoo!