Friday, May 29, 2009

Baby Shower!

May 16 was my baby shower! To those who made it, thanks a million! You really made it a special day. Laura, Gay, Nicki...thank you so much for pulling this together for me. It was beautiful. To my long drive guests (Callie), and my out of staters (Beth and Nicki) for flying in from Arizona...thank you! I truly have wonderful friends and family! One of the most special moments was my Grammi sending flowers. She lives in California so obviously couldn't be here. When I had Karly she send flowers to the shower and it was such a nice thought. I had just been thinking about how much it had meant to me that morning so when I showed up and there were flowers from her I couldn't help but tear up. It was the one thing I had thought of and so did she. Thanks Grammi. Thanks to everyone...I am truly blessed

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MRMD_GRL said...

I hate being absent from blogger... what the heck, I have missed so much.

your shower was beautiful, you were a bueatiful prego chick and I was so glad that I was able to come back and be apart of this event!!