Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Extra Square #1 Crochet Pattern

When I saw this Blackberry Salad blanket I fell in love!  The lusting side of me wanted to immediately make this lovely nubby blanket.  The rationale side of me knew I may lose lose my mind if I attempted said lusty blanket.  When the sampler won the CAL I was a little sad I wasn't going to be forced into that nubby love of mine.  After deciding to add a few extra squares to the CAL I knew I'd add a nubby square!  Perfect solution right?!?!  

I have to confess.  I briefly looked at the pattern and thought no biggie and never referenced it again!  Well I just went to link to it and realized I did it wrong!  I used a popcorn stitch, she used bobbles.  Not a big deal but I thought I should let you know!  Bobbles are faster which is probably why I would choose popcorns.  Apparently I love to torture myself!

I do love this square.  I rub it all the time.  It feels lovely. 

 In fact I love it so much I may torture myself and make a blanket full of the nubby goodness.  Want to make a square for your CAL?  Here's how I did it. Remember all of our squares are different sizes it seems!  I am making mine 12X12 so adjust accordingly!  A & B in the pattern refer to color changes.  Carry your color up the side for color change

Popcorn Square

A) Row 1:  chain 37

A)Row 2:  skip 2 chain closest to hook, dc in each chain, ch 1, turn {34 dc}

A) Row 3:  sc in next 2, (popcorn in next space, sc in next 3) row will end with sc in last 2, ch 3 turn  {8 popcorn}

B) Row 4:  (dc), ch 3, turn  {34 dc}

B) Row 5:  (ch 3 counts as first dc in pop), popcorn in first space, (sc in next 3, popcorn) ch 3, turn {9 popcorn}

A) Row 6:  (dc) ch 1, turn {34 dc}

A) Row 7:  repeat Row 3

B) Row 8:  repeat Row 4

B) Row 9:  repeat Row 5

A) Row 10:  repeat Row 6

continue until you reach your desired size.  Finish off with a row of dc.  


Shaunna Hallsson said...

I LOVE this one!!! I know I haven't been at all vocal but I have been crocheting. I am almost finished my 4th square. I am finding that some of the patterns of the squares are lots of fun and I love the way they turn out, but realize that I would get bored doing an entire blanket that way.


Rochelle said...

Can we use the bobble stitch instead of a popcorn stitch? :-)

Renee Shilling said...

Absolutely love this pattern!