Thursday, March 1, 2012

Flower Pattern: Free!

When I made this hat I decided last minute to whip up a flower for it.  Of course I was racing out the door (late I am most certain) to meet the photographer.  This became one of those things I really needed to get around to writing up but of course never did....until now.  
Sure it's been a year but hey better late than never right?

I used a #5 bulky weight yarn and an H (5.00mm) hook for the flower on the hat.  Truly just about any weight yarn will work it just may look a little different.

Flower Pattern

Start with a magic circle.  {never heard of this magic I speak of??  Check out this video}

Round 1:  make 6 sc in center, join to beginning and pull circle closed {6 sc}

Round 2:  (4sc in each sc)  {24 sc}

Round 3:  (3sc in each sc)  {72 sc}

Round 4:  (sc in each sc)  {72 sc} 

want your flower more wavey?  Add an extra sc in each or every other space.  
Less wavey?  Don't do so many sc in each. 

Fasten off, weave tail to center of flower.  Use your 2 tails to tie to hat and weave in.  I also like to add a button to the center but that's completely optional.

The hat pattern can be purchased here:  Inner Hooker Super Bulky Beanie
pattern includes 5 sizes ranging from newborn to adult and directions to make the hat with or without earflaps. 

Hope you enjoy!  Now go add sweet flowers to all of your stuff!

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