Thursday, March 15, 2012

6 months later....

So 6 months later I am FINALLY done sucking at this crochet along!  You ready to join me?  Let's wrap these lovelies up!  I am totally re-motivated and can't wait to finish this one and even start another!

If you need a refresher you can see the CAL links here.

If you are caught up with the weekly goals you should have either 

88 squares that are finished through round 4 
36 completed squares

depending on how you are choosing to work them. So far I have been doing a round on each but will start doing the rest of the rows because I am not changing colors anymore.  I'll still give goals for each though.

New goals will be posted Friday mornings so get your hook and string ready!


BarefootTams said...

YAY! I've had it sitting next to my spot on the couch for a few weeks now, and haven't worked on it.. so maybe this will motivate me :)

BLafferty said...

I am a new follower, and am going to attempt this crochet along,... glad you guys haven't finished yet!

hafza said...

I'm happy that this CAL still continues....thought that everyone have completed. I've finished with my squares, waiting to join all these pieces together:)