Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Housewife Wednesday

We are four days (not even a full 4) into January and I still haven't typed up my resolutions to post here.  Sigh.  Maybe that's a sign that I may actually keep them this year??   I am determined to make a few changes and set totally realistic goals so here's to hoping and trying!  

One area I am determined to improve in is my housewife skills.  I hate cleaning.  I am a clutter keeper.  I move my piles around, I do binge clean but it never lasts long.  I have to figure something out that works better for me.  I stumbled upon a blog called A Slob Comes Clean.  A woman after my own heart!  Seriously if I didn't know better I would have thought I wrote it!  I spent a few evenings reading her blog and was totally inspired to become a reformed slob.  I am nowhere near reformed.  In fact I have done good the last 2 days because apparently even though they were my resolutions I needed to procrastinate on them the first few days of the year.  

In hopes of sticking to this I am going to do my best to check in every Wednesday and fess up for the week before.  Hopefully more cheering myself on than fessing but I'll be honest about how the weeks goes.  Promise!

Sunday:  housewife fail.  Not completely but I didn't do my chores at all.  I picked up and I cooked dinner so all is not lost right?

Monday:  Success!  Morning and night chores done, and I cooked!  Go me!

Tuesday:  Success!  Morning and night chores done AND I even cooked dinner!  yep, TWO days in a row!

I am hoping to keep this up this week while also purging rooms along the way.  One of my biggest problems is that nothing seems to really have "its" place.  Things just sort of get stuck somewhere or piled up.  I need to find homes for things or get rid of them.  I also need to add more and think I'll do it by day like Monday: bathrooms  Tuesday:  Entry, etc... so each room is getting cleaned well regularly.

Clearly this is a whole new world to me.  Don't judge ;)

Any tips or tricks??

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