Friday, October 7, 2011

Week 6 and Week 7

Welcome to week 6 and week 7

Week 6:  
we did a quick poll on Inner Hooker and most everyone voted for a catch up week last week.  Now, did you use it to catch up?  I did hook some but still not enough!  I am having a hard time wanting to hook these days.  All I want to do is work on house projects {can't wait to share some of these with you} but I really, really need to get back on the yarn ball.

So to catch up with where we are....or more likely where we should be.  If you are doing rounds, you should have 88 of them completed through round 4.  If you are doing whole grannies I would guess you'd want to be at least half way through them and ready to press on hard these next few weeks!  I originally had this set up for 8-9 weeks but we are about 3 weeks behind (sick baby, a catch up week, plus 2 half goal weeks) so we are looking at closer to 10-12 weeks I would guess.  Still not bad!  

Week 7: 
This week's goal....KEEP WORKING HARD.  I know a lot of people are feeling behind or maybe a little bored, but once you are done you will be so happy!  Other people's pictures are totally motivating to me so stop over at the sites and check some out, share yours as well {yes, even if you are behind!}

Now, let's get busy.

Option 1:  work all grannies through Round 5

Option 2:  work 88 rounds total

Option 3:  make 12 squares

Option 2 may seem a little different.  Up until this point most people have been changing colors every round.  Round 5 or 6 on most people are sticking to the same color so it only makes sense to work that granny all the way through as opposed to breaking the yarn each round.  If you are changing colors each round all the way through that's great too you can do 1 or 2 whatever you'd like!  This is your afghan!

You may also want to measure your grannies each round from here on.  We want them 6" so you may not need all of the rounds.  Assuming you checked your gauge you probably know how many rounds you'll need.  Knowing most people don't check you may want to biggie if they are too big or too small, your blanket will just be a different size.  Also if you haven't been crocheting over your tails, and/or weaving them in, now would be a good time to start working on those.  

Lastly...joining.  Remember, this is my first granny afghan so I am learning with you.  I am going to start looking at a few options for joining these together but I'd love some input!  Please feel free to post here, on Inner Hooker or even email me at  Thanks!

I sooooo totally want to keep doing the link up but apparently you have to pay for it after the trial run :(  I totally get that, but for only 1 or 2 blogs it's hard to justify paying for it.  Yes I probably sound like a total cheap ass.  I'd love to see your progress, if you blog it please post it in the comments and I'll add it to this blog or next week's!  If I get a few I'll dig in my pockets and spring for the membership.

Remember to also share your pictures on my facebook and our Flikr group.

Now, get to hooking!

I'll share my pics soon!  

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