Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Growing up we rarely did Halloween. I guess there was a 3 or 4 year streak that we dressed up and maybe trick or treated (maybe...I can't really remember). My mom was never a fan of Halloween and always told us it was evil so we'd head off to the store and buy whatever candy we wanted!! Then we'd go to the movie theater. We always seemed happy with it. I honestly don't ever remember feeling like we were missing out anything. 

 Now that I am an adult I totally get where my mom was coming from! I just don't love Halloween. AT ALL. I think it's just sort of a waste. That being said, I do love seeing the kids all dressed up, I could just forgo the treating. Since the boys are so little and the girl is so big we only hit about 5 house on our street this year. Sawyer would have been perfectly happy with the big bowl of candy we had at home. I could barely drag him away from it to go out. Not wanting to spend a small fortune on Chinese made crap we decided to go the handmade route again this year...and why not?!?! Ummm hello they are so much cuter!! I will enjoy dressing them what I want while I can! Sawyer went as Clark Kent/Superman (idea via Pinterest). I should have probably tried the outfit on ahead of time so I would have known just how big those glasses would be. Oops. Dex went as a cow....the cutest cow you've ever seen! Best part. Cute boys in costumes I made from stuff we had! Cha-ching! Sawyer figured out how to walk to the door and hold out his bucket but never once said trick or treat or thank you. Sigh...maybe next year. He did knock, ring the bell and proceed to walk right into someone's house though! Dex hung back in the stroller since his walking skills weren't quite mastered well enough to not risk biffing it. All in all a successful year celebrating the "evil holiday"!

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