Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wanna Make It Wednesday

With the holidays fast approaching I am (once again) tossing around the idea of a handmade Christmas.  I hate how commercial and greedy the holidays can become. Every year I say that we are going to fewer gifts, make some items, draw names, start an ornament exchange, and just really soak up and enjoy the family time. Every year I still spend $1,000's on things no one needs or probably even remembers a few days later. I love, love, love giving gifts. Especially when I know it is just what they will love. I always wonder what people think about handmade though. My guess is that some people really can love and appreciate it while others prefer store bought. I also don't think people realize that handmade doesn't always mean cheaper. In fact sometimes I think it's cheaper to just buy an item than make one. I have really never given many handmade items for gifts. I have given them yes, but more as a just because gift; for birthdays and holidays not so much. If I do give handmade for a holiday I still will usually buy something as well and then of course I have spent twice as much! I did make my 2 little cousins superhero capes for their birthday and they seemed to love them (so did the adults) maybe handmade is ok? I am going to challenge myself to make a few items this year. Attempt to simplify life and my budget. Having a baby in the middle of November does present some challenges and probably means I should get started though! So anyone with me? I know I could go back through past Wanna Make It's and find tons of inspiration and probably a few gift ideas to get started!

When I saw this purse I thought it was so cute. The fabric is a bit busy for me but I love the big floppy bow and think it would be an adorable purse and a great gift! In fact my sister Kate loves purses so maybe this will find it's way under her tree this year?
The pattern is free over at so the only investment is fabric and your time. Sounds like a good place to start!  You can find the post here.

I also think this little baby skirt is so precious.
 New baby in the family, you could whip a few of these up and even pair them with these little jewelry onesies. So sweet.
The skirt is a tutorial from Homemade by Jill that she shared at Kojo Designs and the onesie is from Lynette at Get Your Craft On.

Just Another Day in Paradise shares the patterns/tutorial for all of these great hand puppets! They are so cute, super inexpensive to make and a great gift for you handmade holiday list! I am in love with them. Seriously. Head over to see Larissa at Just Another Day in Paradise to get the patterns yourself.

The Boy Trifecta shares her tutorial for this amazingly adorable purse!  

She has it broken down into a 2 part tutorial. 
Part 1
Part 2

She also (like me) procrastinated just a bit too long and is now challenging herself to making 1 handmade item for Christmas a week.  Go read more about it and join in with her.  She even has a fun button to steal for your blog!  Enjoy!


Krista said...

I've thought about doing a handmade Christmas too but I know I can't do it myself so I was considering broadening it to handmade in general even if not made by my hands. I have so many bloggers (like you) that have such great Etsy stores I might need to supplement with.

The Stevens Family said...

I love the idea of doing handmade things as gifts. I typically wait until the last minute for everything (my husband says it's a control thing??) so handmade doesn't always work out. My mom is super crafty, so anything I make for her she loves. I agree with Krista...maybe make and buy handmade gifts. :)

Emily said...

YAY! So glad you're participating!! :) Can't wait to see your handmade gifts!

Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

I LOVE handmade gifts! These are all fabulous! I love those onesies!