Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wanna Make It Wednesday

Wanna Make It Wednesday is back...well for this week anyways!  Gosh I wish I could stick to my blogging schedule better these days!  It seems like the more pregnant I get, the more projects I find to do, and the less time I have to do them!   

This was just too cute not to share though!  

Growing up my sisters and I had a naughty girl bench, I hated that damn thing!  When we got in trouble we had to have time out on the naughty girl bench, one minute for each year old we were.  Needless to say as the oldest I had the longest stretch and I always thought that was unfair!  Now that I am all old and mom like I am finding myself searching out my own naughty girl bench…and then I stumble upon this adorable thing!  

I LOVE it!  I actually went and ordered my sticker already!  Now to just buy and paint the stool, you know in all that spare time I was talking about earlier in the post!  Hop over to Little Miss Momma’s blog for the tutorial and more importantly more pictures.  She has a picture of her son on his new naughty spot and it’s so cute!  He looks so bummed, I am certain I will see a similar face before long.  If you want to order a Naughty Spot vinyl of your own you can find them here at Staker Sensations along with a bunch of other great options at a really amazing price!

Next up…I think I dig this hat.  Well, I dig this hat on her!  I wish I were a hat person, having fairly short hair doesn’t usually work with hats unfortunately.  Either way, this is adorable, gives directions to make it in any size and looks like it takes about 5 minutes to make!  Check out Mary Janes and Galoshes for the tutorial.  Check out her blog while you are there, she has TONS of other amazing ideas there.

Just in time for Halloween...quick and easy project...perfect

Halloween luminaries!  Last year I made these Mod Podged ones that I saw on Not So Idle Hands.

I loved them, but I didn't seal them and living in East Texas where it seems to rain every other day they obviously didn't make it long.  Lesson learned; seal anything outdoors.   Sort of a DUH moment I know.  

I just stumbled across these and love them too!  Maybe even a little more!  Crafts by Amanda shares her tutorial to make them yourself.

Now just the tough decision of which ones to make this year...and to seal them of course!

I am not a huge Halloween fan...or a fan of the holiday at all but I thought these were cute too!

Cupcake Kisses 'N Crumbs shares her super quick tutorial on how to make these Halloween countdown blocks. Super easy and cute! I also like that for a few dollars worth of wood she has plenty of left over to make them for Thanksgiving and Christmas which is a little more my thing.

I think all these wood projects I keep seeing around are trying to tell me it is time for me to buy a saw.  Don't you?

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KindergartenKapers said...

Love the jar luminaries! Such a good idea...if I had a few extra hours this weekend, I would make them!