Thursday, September 9, 2010

Things I Like Thursday

I am chaos.  My house and usually anything going on in it, is sort of well...chaotic.  I forget about appointments until last minute along with most other things I have going on.  Since starting Inner Hooker, ok well in the last few weeks I have at least organized my business side of life...strictly out of neccessity!  I know my home would run much smoother and stay much cleaner if everything had it's place and if I stayed on top of it better.  I have unfortunately passed this procrastinating lifestyle onto my daughter.  She never gives me school papers and is terrible about telling me "we have to have XXXX tomorrow for school"  at 10pm the night before. 

I  have always wanted a central area. A place where everyone's stuff goes so school papers actually get to me, so bills never get tossed on a table or counter and lost forever, a place to distribute chores! Oh wait, my child doesn't really do chores! I really should have instilled this earlier. These poor little babies are getting a momma that has already ruined one child and learned many lessons of what not to do! D'Lea Designs shares her family's Command Central and tells you how to make one for yourself!

As much as I love D'Lea's I do realize it is probably more organized than myself or my family ever will be. Kara shares her simple mail/key/purse drop area. I love this! So simple and so cute! I am terrible about leaving my keys on the front table, kitchen table, in the diaper bag, on the counter, etc...I never put them in the same place. I think the fact that I come in 2 different doors has a little bit of the blame but mostly it's just me. I need to start putting stuff in it's place! Now, just to make one of these! Head over to Kara's Korner to see how!

and since we are sort of on house type about a Halloween wreath? I really don't care for Halloween...or decorating for holidays months in advance but if you are a procrastinator like me busy you may want to make this in the next few weeks so you are ready for October! Or you can be like Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous and put it up in August ;)

Head over to CA for the tutorial.

Yep...these are the things I anyways ;)


Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm so excited you liked "Command Central." Thanks for linking back to my blog.

I had to laugh at your comment that kids never really do chores. I know what you mean. Some days that box is just a reminder that the chores aren't being done :). Oh well.

Thanks again, Dana @ D'Lea Designs

linda @ CraftaholicsAnonymous said...

Thanks for the shoutout! yep, I'm the cool one that put my Halloween wreath out before SEPTEMBER! lol Davis actually asked me to take it down the other day because he said people would think we were weird. bahaha Guess I'm just a little too anxious for Halloween because that means the baby will be here. yay!!
Anyways, we still on for next thursday's giveaway? Did you get all your pics taken?

magpie said...

ack- do i hear you! i don't even have a child yet and we are overrun and full of chaos. i'm on my ever revolving merry go round of purging and organizing. we live in an nyc apartment- so it's easy to let it get away from me! BUT today is big trash day. man, are those guys gonna be workin' for their money this week...