Thursday, March 19, 2009

Doctor Appointment Update

Hello world!! I had my 28 week appointment yesterday; all is well. He said my vitals are all good, my glucose test came back fine, and my weight is doing great… GREAT…his word not mine! I said really? He said yes, you are up 14 pounds and more than halfway done. He said he guessed I would be between 25-30 all said and done but he couldn’t promise :) He said he typically like his patients to stay under 30 but if I were to go over which he doubts that it wouldn’t be a cause for huge concern. I am overly worried about gaining a million pounds so it was nice to hear I am right on track! He did say I am retaining some water in my lower legs and feet and really the only “cure” will be delivery. Try to keep my legs up and drink that water…yuck. I asked him about my circumcision question and he says typically he does do them in the hospital and that is fairly common practice here, I think that is weird?!?! Any opinions? If I want to go with a pediatrician doing it a little later that is fine, but not many do them here so be sure I ask when choosing. Now I am kind of torn…I really didn’t want it done at birth for a handful of reasons. He was very kind and supportive in whatever choice I make about it. We talked about HepB vaccine at birth and the vitamin K shot…he was supportive of holding off on the HepB…he wasn’t thrilled with the vitamin K discussion. Of course I had a few other questions how big does he consider a big baby and how he would proceed. We also talked about how long he would let me go after my water broke and his views on pitocin. He seems very understanding and open minded if no one is showing signs of distress. I left feeling pretty good :)

Sawyer was very active. I am still measuring a little big, but have since the beginning so now worries. His heart rate was 149 and was flipping back and forth while the doctor was trying to measure my belly and find his heart beat. Already being a handful!

That's my baby update!


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MRMD_GRL said...

I guess I'm not in the loop with the kitamin k and hep b shots... glad your pregnancy is going so good!

Dani said...

I WANTED Ryder to be circumsized at the hospital, I just wanted it done and over with. I was under the impression that was the norm. Its odd you know otherwise.

Ironically, Ryder was born with some problems down there and had to have FULL surgery at 6 months old!! So he was circumsized during that surgery. So my whole plan of a hospital-circum. wasn't even an option.

I say go with your gut and what you and Chris want to do and do that!!